About Us

Welcome to OMG Sportswear USA!

OMG Sportswear has finally made its arrival into the North American market with its premiere collection being first made available for purchase in The United States and Canada in the Spring of 2020!

OMG, better known as On My Game, is a fitness clothing brand founded by social media influencer Edison Fan in April 2016 and is already, in such a short time, one of Asia's top men's sportswear brands! Our sportswear is affordable, slick, extremely comfortable and dripping with swag!

We know the gym is a commitment, and OMG's commitment to you is to provide the most comfortable and fashion forward workout gear that makes you feel and look good while helping to build your confidence.

Our products range from tank tops, shorts, tights, shirts and other accessories meant to complement or complete your fitness look. OMG's key aesthetic is confident and sexy! In every workout session, its important to feel not only comfortable in your own skin, but to have that be accented by the clothes you wear.

OMG Sportswear has distributors in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam. OMG Sportswear USA is the official North American distributor of OMG Sportswear, ready to serve our customers residing in the United States, Canada, Mexico and a few select countries currently! Our commitment is to deliver high quality products and provide excellent service to every customer we are fortunate enough to gain.